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Avril Lavigne Bio

The little princess of punk rock landed with a bang on the airwaves with the hit Complicated in the summer of 2002 when she was only 17 years. Admittedly, it’s been some years that the Canadian girl, a fan of Goo Goo Dolls, Green Day or The Offspring, written and composed songs on guitar, while singing as soon as the opportunity arises in the choir of her church, or during local festivals and fairs.

It was there that Antonio “LA” Reid (director and RCA Records talent scout if any, as it is, with her colleague Baby face originally careers of TLC, Usher Raymond, Toni Braxton, Outcast and Pink) and the benchmark offered her a contract. At 16, Avril Lavigne is found in Manhattan, surrounded by the cream of songwriters and producers.

But that does not reflect how beautiful look at it. She wants to sing her own lyrics and flew to Los Angeles, Clif Magness (producer of Celine Dion, Wilson Phillips and Sheena Easton) refines the sound melodic but somewhat upset the girl. Buoyed by Complicated and Skater Boy, her first albums witnessed unexpected success (16 million copies sold).
Within two years, Arvil conquered the entire planet, requiring the wearing of baggy pants and sneakers to skateboarding youth accustomed to mini-skirts of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera stilettos. She also quickly dethroned the stars of the teen-pop classic to become the undisputed queen of teen-punk movement, into which rush many young singers, both in the U.S. (Hilary Duff, Busted) that in France (Emma Daumas).
Riding on its success, in Arvil began a film career. She made appearances in Fast Food Nation, The Flock (where she co-starred with Richard Gere) and it will be a voice for the American animated Over the Hedge. Arvil also tried to include modeling and poses for Chanel.
On the heart, the Canadian singer coos with Sum 41, Deryck Whibley, an old friend whom she married in 2006.
She returned in 2007 with a third album, The Best Dawn Thing. This is an album to sound more pop-punk that the precedents on which we find a title of the soundtrack of the movie Eragon, but Keep Holding On Girlfriend, saw more than 50 million times on Youtube and it will translate in several languages . It was Avril Lavigne bio, and below is the link of the picture gallery of the mega star.

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