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Are You a Fan of Rihanna Tattoos

Famous singer is fond of tattoos and even though already has several designs that adorn her skin Rihanna was one more to her collection. This is a falcon on her right ankle in color, the star shared his Twitter account a photograph of her new ‘accessory’ and commented along with the image “Falcon: a light that shines in the darkness. Never close your eyes while sleep, “She wrote.
A number of stars that runs from the neck to the lower back, feet, hips, ears, fingers, neck and sides have been inked with various figures and phrases are very significant to the artist.
But Rihanna did not trust the masterpieces that show her body to anyone, always resort to the expert hands of Bang Bang, a tattoo artist from New York who is responsible for most of her tattoos and also the last. Are you a fan of Rihanna Tattoos? If you are then you must like the new one on her feet. Take a look.

Rihanna Falcon Tattoo

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