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A Fatty Lady,Kate Upton Cow

Kate Upton Fat Breasts
We were just praising about the beautiful skin of Kate Upton since several days, but what happened to the Blogger of a pro-anorexia website. Kate Upton the Bikini Queen has been accused as a fatty lady. More precisely the writer stress on the video of Kate Upton Running in Bikini, the website suggests that she is too of 30 pounds to run in Bikini.

(She has big thighs, no waist, large breasts soft … Is this American women want to look like now? A look of lazy? Have we become so fat in this country that there is Kate better? Sorry but ewww! It is easily the most pornographic modeling environment for a long time. It gives the impression that she could work at the back of a motorcycle shop in Nashville doing bad pipes 25 $)

Kate Upton fires back on weight critics by saying “I’m not going to starve myself just to stay slim. I want to enjoy life, and it is not possible if I do not eat “. There are number of people around the globe that love Kate Upton Fatty looks and Skin in bikini that is the reason why she is such a big model, and we don’t think it is correct phrase Kate Upton Cow for a sexy lady, that has been used by that website.
Kate Upton Cow

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